Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wildboxes and Other Boxes

Now we have introduced boxes into the game we need to make sure the rules for using them are clear.

A wildbox may contain any number of counters, including fractions of a counter.

Wildboxes are sealed and cannot be opened.

In any game

Wildboxes with the same label must contain the same number of counters.

The number of counters in a wildbox gives the declared value for any wildcard or wildholder using the same label.

The negative of a wildbox must contain the same number of counters as the wildbox but of the opposite colour.

A pair is Zero and can be removed from the board.

Wildboxes can be put inside other boxes, with our without other counters, for example

This is done usually when many boxes of the same type are needed.

Which is recorded as 3(2xy + 3)

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