Contents in Order of Writing

Unicorns, Elephants and Numbers
Why Rules.
Importance Of Counting
The Game Begins
Adding Ones
The Cards
Subtraction and Negative One
Developing the Game
Multiple Cards
Playing multiple cards in holders
Patterns and Times Tables
The Naming of Numbers
Removing Many Cards
Multiples, New Cards and Rules
Multiplying three numbers
Multiplying Negative Numbers
The First Reconstruction Puzzle
The Multiplication Puzzle
Time Tables in Disguise
Unmasking the Times Table
Disguised Times Table Puzzle
Factors and Multiples
Common Factors
Division and Factors
Showing Hands with Many Boards
Units and Prime Numbers
New Puzzle, New Numbers
New Numbers, Old Rules
Adding Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Naming the Parts
Step by step adding fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Negative Division
Mixed Gift Boxes
Re-View Mixed Gift Boxes
Building a Puzzle
Wildboxes and Other Boxes
Parentheses Problems
Boxes in Boxes
Numbers are an imaginative creation.
Learn the rules, follow the rules then get the answer
Know what it is you are counting at each stage
Numbers as pieces within the Game of Maths
Add One objects to get new number objects
Playing cards are added into the Game
The Negative One number object.
Tips for playing a hand of cards in the Game
A little bit of Algebra creeps in
From adding to multiplying
Does order of multiplying matter?
What are times tables?
Larger numbers are named
Multiplying by a negative number
More on multiplying with negative numbers
Does order of multiplying matter?
Multiplying with many positive or negative numbers
Mixing adding, subtracting and multiplication
Division undoes multiplication
Simple sequences of numbers
Algebra for a sequence
Solving a simple equation
Find them in times tables
From multiplication
Using factors to simplify division
Why the number of boards is always shown
Factorise a number into primes
Fractions are needed
Different ways of writing fractions
Different numbers of boards
Multiple Shares
Why numerator and denominator?
Adding fractions example
How to do it
Change to Multiplication
Upside down fractions
Just flip
Brackets and distribution
More on brackets and distribution
Make and solve a simple equation
Introduction to brackets(parentheses)
Emptying boxes and removing brackets
Multiple Brackets

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