Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Numbers, Old Rules

Take this hand which shows three Sixths. Just as three Twos are written in shorthand as 3 x 2 three Sixths is written

gives the same result as which is

This hand of Three Sixths in game with one board
gives the same result as in a game over

six boards

One way to do the division is to share each counter over the
six boards in turn giving the result

So the hands and give the same results.

We have that three Sixths and Three Sixths are the same


There are three ways we can describe a fraction;

As a number, Three Sixths,   

As a count, three Sixths,  

As a division Three divided by Six 3 ÷ 6, or Three over Six  

All give the same result and may be swapped around.

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