Friday, November 28, 2014

Disguised Times Table Puzzle

The disguised times table puzzle is one where a record of a game is given but the declared value of a wildcard is not. You have to find the declared value.

For example


5x  + 7 =32

Which came from playing this hand
where the result is Thirty Two .

Play the negative of the single card

The Game

         Played                                                                                                  Result



Showing that this hand results in Twenty Five or 5x = 25


  5x + 7 = 32
  5x + 7 + (-7) = 32 + (-7)
  5x = 25
    x = 5

When you know the five times table then you know that x was declared as a five

For more complex multiplications or when you do not know your times tables then use sharing or division.

To fully understand division you need to fully understand factors and multiples.

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