Thursday, November 27, 2014

Swapping Cards and Holders

We have seen that

Is the start of the Four times table.

Another way of showing the start of the Four times table would be

We can see that and both are in the Four times table and looked at the other way are both in the Seven times table.

Using wildcards and wildholders both of the following are in the Four times table.

and would be recorded as 4x and x4, in maths 4x is always used.

We always say four apples or four cars and never apples four or cars four, in the same way we never say x Fours but always four x.

This hand would always be in the Four times table, we would need to declare x before playing it and we could declare x as any number we like.

So declaring x as 5 results in or Twenty.


x = 5

4 x 5



  x = 5
4x = 20

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